‘V’ Says!

Food is life…that is not cooked but created and savored.

Food is a language…that is not learnt but still spoken widely.

Food is love..that is honest and knows no boundaries.

When food becomes your world one sees the notes of flavors in every aspect of life and it eventually becomes a language of expression and a way to live and understand life. Ingredients themselves become your teachers and the flavors become your memories.

While socializing with friends we often realize how our talks, daily phrases and arguments revolve around food. Many funny or witty or cheesy quotes and dialogues slip out from mine and my friend’s mouth and fade away. I am attempting to list down those few that I remember to note so they don’t fade away –

“Cut the large pizza only into four pieces please! Eight pieces are too much for me!”

“I am sorry, I can’t cook. I can create food!”

“I am starving…” – Catherine Martinez (Almost an hour after a gourmet meal)

“Man, you are as angry as a seared meat…calm down.”

“Don’t simply season the sauce with the salt, toss in some smile and stir in the love.”

“Kitchen is not a place to escape from, it is a place to escape to” – Licia Kassim

” Finally the sun is shining like the yellow on my sunny-side up. ” – a CIA student

“You are as active as yeast, slow down.”

“Check her out…looks like a perfectly trussed chicken eh?” – identity not to be revealed  🙂

“Cook the food with your heart, not with your hands”

“You are bubblier than a Champagne!” – Catherine Martinez

……… more to come.



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  1. Veeeeeeeeery Funny.

  2. “You are bubblier than champagne “

  3. Excellent designed webpage. good to see it. Very interactive as well

  4. love brews slowly ,like perfect coffee .

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