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A flame is lit with a spark but then needs aid of the fuel, the air and the wick to keep burning; same is the case with inspiration. Food itself inspires me to express my thoughts in words but the appreciation and simultaneous criticism of my family, friends, professors, mentors and professionals in the industry is what keeps my inspirational flame burning.

Had it not been for their words of support and encouragement I would not have had  the urge to open this blog. I had started writing articles on Facebook notes application and the blogs that have been listed here are the one’s that were written previously with new ones following soon. To keep my fire of inspiration burning I am jotting down few of the many claims for my previous articles. (noted in ascending order of original posting date. Apologies for the informal abbreviated language, the comments are simply imported from external source)

Buttery Mentality (April 1st 2009) –

“Well worded! And it would do a lot of people good to relish these simple joys. This planet is getting doomed under the weight of hate and depression….. This will help us survive.”  – Maithili Desai

“well said!” – Ashwini Chavan

“i had thought u ‘d just jotted down a trivial experience at crawford market but wid what de note finally ends in u took me by surprise… everyone knows de concept of “v shud appreciate simple things in life” but a simple example lik dis gets it closer 2 simple understanding… very well written…” – Vishal Vernekar

“hey very profound stuff.. nice.” – Vanessa Rodrigues

“all those things make me happy 1 of the mothers who doesnt discourage her daughter from dancing in the rain and stamping the crunchy leaves” – Komal Nadkarni


Poisonous Elixir (April 5, 2009)

“well written. You’ve got a skill with words…. and sometimes, situations accentuate the beauty in the skill….” – Maithili Desai

“Don’t you think, wine is just an object here? Any relationship should not be “objective”, cos if it is that strong as you’ve said–“As the wine aged so did our relation” then it really does not need any such parameter to count on!!!
i mean, thats my view-point is on this! Well worded though.” – Karuna Bagade


Salt With An “I” (May 5, 2009)

“…….BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!” – Janhavi Desai

“Felt the feelings…” – Karuna Bagade

“that really brought lump in my troat.i hope that dish get complete soon n u blend the flavours to the perfection so that even we could cherish the dish along with u.all the best of success in ur life.” – Vinod Kamble


Monte’ Au Beurre…Why? (June 7, 2009)

“simply awesome!!” – Nivi Kamat

“it was something really good” – Vinod Kamble

“awesomme!!! Im reading this thru morning eyes and yet its so familiar…coz everyday I have a question for the Almighty above, Why??? Sooo many questions to be answered. But I can clearly see 1 thing…u may/may not agree… you put so much of you in your notes and revolves around food and yet a lot is mysteriously hidden.” – Komal Nadkarni


Better Than Garam Masala (June 27, 2009)

“Wonderfully put!.. You have the knack Viraj.. good going” – Aks S.

“very aesthetically written” – Karuna Bagade

“u actually amaze me with ur writing skills…and my mouth seriously started watering thinkin abt all the food” – Nivi Kamat

“you would make a phenomenal food editor. Watch out Saveur Magazine!” – Chef Dave Holtus


From “Om’ To “Yummm” (July 10, 2009)

“best according to me till now!!!!” – Swati Shetty

“what the hell is this man..!!! m speechless……….” – Karuna Bagade

Just LOVED the whole sync !!!” – Purva Damle

“you did it again.. speechless n numb. i know ‘he’ very well n what wonders he can do!
this was the bestest note ever i hav, hot, awesome, … sorry short of words
these people r your flavours n salt of ur dish so do write a book.may be u get many mare flavours n u create, all the best of success” – Vinod Kamble

“A wild experiment in caramel custard and one of his friend still cherishes it’s taste.” -is that adressed to me? caramel custard is the same as caramel pudding right? because even if it’s not adressed to me i do cherish that taste was the best iv ever had ! nicely written!” – Abhishek Gupte

“That jst bowled me over!!! u truly r super..! how did u ever forget the choc-wasabi combo u gv us???!! words cant express wat i feel after readin dis… i mean i it seemed lik a film was playin in slo-mo in my head.. amazin gift u got here for creating this absolutely vivid scenes!! cheers to dat..!! love ya bikemate!” – Vanessa Rodrigues

“wow viraj!!! its awesome.i mean,dint know u had literary talents too. really hats off 2 u.” – Sneha Phatak

“you do have a flair for writing….somehow reminds me of Chetan bhagat and another Indian writer who wrote english novels….u have your unique style though!!” – Komal Nadkarni


Two Dinners (July 23, 2009)

“fantastic…liked it…” – Karuna Bagade

“The ‘he’ is a strong person, he has thousand dinners to make” – Vasant Desai

“Amazing…need I say more?” – Vanessa Rodrigues


The Grape, The Cheese And The Chocolate (September 3, 2009)

“chocolate… hmmm… awesome note bro. but ur notes r never what they seem… i’ll figure this one out too i guess… but damn well written.. as usual! – Janhavi Desai

“amazing..u shud go into food journalism too…” Janhavi Aras

“nice.. m still tryin to figure out the actual underlying meaning tho..” – Vanessa Rodrigues

“tre’ bien viraj…!!!.fabulos job….liked the simultaneous flow of two things…some thing i saw first time in you notes….!!!” –  Karuna Bagade


A Plate Of Life (September 7, 2009)

“…dis one seriously is wow!!” – Swati Shetty


“yum!! ur dessert’s makin my mouth water!! n d note beautiful as always..” – Vanessa Rodrigues

“great writing as usual. you should make a collection of all your short stories and try publishing them.” – Nimish Kabe


Parle – G (September 11, 2009)

“so damn true…!” –  Jan Desai

” Reeled back to those days” – Purva Damle

“..ever thought of writing a book.??? A coffe table one perhaps??? – Jan Aras


The Spices, The Mistress And “It” (November 1, 2009)

“Great job. Nice descriptions, wonderful concepts. Awesome. Great job.” – Vasant Desai

“Ever considered turning Chefwriter or novelist???mayb u shud… the visuals were awesome.. simplly super!!!” -Vanessa Rodrigues

“like most of your notes, this has an underlying meaning… cryptic n strange. hard to guess. but i know its there…excellent! – Jan Desai

“if d chambers dnt hav another door, may god provide u d strength to break through d walls n still move forward n achieve wat u deserve… ♥ miss u!” – J

“to whatever the Da Viraj Code is—-*bow**bow*…
n again will have to use words-excellent ,great,fantabulous n all….can’t u write something bad too ,so that i can criticize it to the corn to have a joy of it. emotionally..yeah..superb but as reader’s point of view(if unaware of the background) might be considered a little long…just a feedback from my side” – Karuna Bagade


Sizzler (December 6, 2009)

“poignant recollection, sweet one at that…. such relationships even if u lose make u smile rather than sad when u remember them,.. i once read somewher .”a romantic relationship is like mozarella cheese, it may stretch and stretch but not break” sumthg like that.” – Komal Nadkarni

“I didn’t know good cooking went so well with good writing!!!
(Do you notice how inevitably names of dishes and drinks float in and out of your notes?)
Loved it.” – Varsha Desai

“love the romance of it… unrequitted love coupled wid food very nice…” – Vanessa Rodrigues

“Somehow u manage to club together food and some other story in a very unique way… !” – Abhishek Gupte


Bread And Butter (May 23, 2009)

“Simply delicious! loved the blend of words and expression” – Jessica Hose

“Only you can make something as simple as bread and butter sound exotic…excellent” – Vanessa Rodrigues



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