Eve’s Apple


Fingers tickling the skies, She sprawled.
Naked, The diva,
Beckoning me, enticing me.
A Young boy in I, not shy,
Yet did avert my eye.
For Benjamin was calling,
and Lincoln begged to stay
ungodly demands all, yet defined.
For nuptials of aromas, of flavors;
A match made in heaven,
for eternity, not divorceable.
Yet the devilish temptation,
the stink of cheat and deceit; worst of defeat.
Oh! Her beauty, even gods enthralled;
Kiss of glamor, sin of seduction,
memory of the time that’s passed.
“Married!” I scream, I yell;
Present, a gift demands different;
Commitment, a virtual handcuff,
in prison of the fake society.
So yes I avert my eye, yet not shy;
The man in me looks back
gazing at her, the radiant diva;
A twitch of a smile,
silent promise to come  back
for another bite of the apple.




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