For a while now I suddenly lost my contact with the blogging world. A year ago I had completely given up blogging courtesy of crazy moving around, a professional journey from Washington, D.C. to Chicago and back to NYC. But a few weeks back I just fell out of touch after a series of articles. This has got nothing to do with a writers block or lack of ideas or anything….I was just involved in taking Romance On The Plate concept to another level. Well of course in addition to that there was an avalanche of work problems, some personal affairs and even Mr.Sandy decided to pay a visit that consumed a lot of our time and all of our power that even turning on the laptop was out of question. All in all just a headless chicken run around from work to my own life to the world of food, flavors and creativity. Needless to say I have many half written drafts as ideas kept pouring almost like the rain during Sandy so hopefully there will be a steady stream of posts coming through and more importantly some creative photography too (courtesy Himanshu Dubey). So all those who read my blog, thank you, for avidly following it, had it not been for your support and encouragement I wouldn’t have written further and more so try to take this concept as a base for another project. All those who do not follow my blog, but know about it, (well…start reading it!) a big thank you to all of you too for all the criticism and feedbacks. My gratitude extends to indiblogger for being an excellent platform for Indian bloggers around the world to voice themselves in india and all those who sincerely vote for my posts there making them popular on the platform. A shout out to Stumble Upon, Facebook, The Culinary Institute Of America for giving me the necessary stage for putting myself forward and evolving into the professional world. Am thankful to my family and that one person who have been a part of me, my dreams and my craziness. I can’t even offer proper thanks to two people who have been an indispensable part of my life virtually and otherwise, Vinod Kamble and Karuna Bagade, who are beyond friends, support and encouragement even at this distance. Mr. Bill Gates, my thanks would never reach you but I can never imagine writing without Word and obviously WordPress for being the most amazing domain for bloggers……….anyway, enough of gratitudes, stay tuned for some recipes, of coffees and stories and a lot of something new over a period of time. Ciao.
( pardon any typos… It happens when you type in between subway train travels 😉 )



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  1. This so totally sounds like the ‘acknowledgements’ page before a novel. *curls up cozily, expectantly waiting for the novel to come*

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