Herbal Essence


Talk of tarragon, parsley or rosemary, simple leaves they are
But fragrance do they carry,
That turns a plate of food into a wonderful memoir.

Parsley of that fresh breath, Rosemary speaks of savory,
Notes of ancient flavor sings the basil,
They all make not just a plate, but a plate of memory.

Just a small twitch in your sweet lips are expressions sweetest of all,
I argue, I fight, yet you make me calm
A beautiful smile you gift me through my life’s season of fall.

Those mischievous dimples, those sparkling hazelnut eyes,
That lively curly black hair,
And that cute honest laugh that brightens my day as if it’s just sunrise.

Like a drop of an essence, you came and simply enhanced my life,
A long time we had lost,
The same you were and yet anew, like a freshly sharpened knife.

At a loss of words I am, to tell you how much to me you mean,
For years we have been apart,
But thanks to Him you are now in my life’s every scene.

You have simply garnished my life like a chiffonade of herbs,
Made it so light, fun and real,
And painted a memory to describe, I have not enough words.

Of Yin and Yang they all talk, never knew it could be true,
Our thoughts may seem a world apart
But yet we balance out each other, an enigma known to few.

Like a sprig of herb on a plate, in my life has been your presence, 
With you I feel this dish is complete,
For me you are my love, my life, my garnish…my sweet herbal essence.



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  1. have never seen a comparison like this to herbs…But I really like it! Seems honest 😀

  2. Viraj i have nominated you for reality blog award. Please do visit my latest post to know more

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