The Korma-Sutra

He almost threw her on the orange green bed, the spark of hunger twinkling in his eyes. He took it slowly, eyeing the perfectly trimmed and toned body. A tinkling sensation of excitement ran through his fingers like small jolts of electricity as he touched the smooth breasts, her fair skin glistening in the glow of the light. With a deep breath he could smell the sweaty sweetness radiating from her body; he bent down towards her neck, it was stretched backwards as if submitting herself completely to him. For him it was everything about her… that was pleasure enough for him. He swiftly moved from her breasts to her legs, brushing his fingers over them. Pressing gently between her thighs and her back he sent pangs of pressure to relax her loins. He spread her legs apart and felt her inside…she was wet as expected. He rolled his finger, firm but with ease feeling the wet softness. As he put two fingers in slowly the warmth engulfed them; a trickle of watery blood dripped down. Now there was no stopping, he rubbed in vigorously, hand trembling in the act till she hung loose, lost and relaxed in the climax of the play.  With a final thrust he sent her into the sizzling ecstasy of heat…he saw her tightening herself as the fire seized her, small globules of sweat appearing on her on her skin and then she relaxed, lying there on the bed, limp and at ease. He knew she was done but he still waited for while, he wanted the skin to be perfectly brown, caramelized and crispy while the flesh would be juicy, soft and right to the bite. He increased the temperature of the oven  for a few minutes and waited patiently till the buzzer rang. The whole kitchen was filled with aroma of roasted garlic as the garlic butter he had rubbed inside her was melting, finding ways out of the cavity to drip on to the bed of now-brown carrots, leeks and celery. It had been ages since he had laid his hands on a farm fresh Cornish hen; they tasted way better than their dismal counterparts lying in the air conditioned comforts of the city’s supermarkets. He removed the hen from the oven, off the mirepoix and laid her on to a wire rack to rest and allow the juices to absorb. Then placing the hot baking tray of caramelized vegetables on a high flame he dusted the remains with cashew powder. He wanted a contemporary, eclectic twist to the traditional Indian recipe. Notes of toasted nuts and vegetables began to play around the kitchen as the cashew powder caught up with its farm fresh mates  in the pan. Just as the color had reached its desired peak, he poured in some Markus Molter Riesling slowly scraping off all the dark love, coaxing the bits and pieces stuck to the sides to loosen themselves and join the sizzling party in the center. Satisfied with the deglazed reduction, he spooned the mix into a jug and provoked the vita prep to roar the blend down into a smooth paste; Back into the pan it went to simmer and bloom into a creamy, lightly spiced sauce with the cream that he added and the spice blend that he dusted in it.  All that remained were a few sprigs of saffron, in they went and it was all ready…
…He set the table for the dinner, nothing over the top but just a cozy time between the two of them; he always wanted to make every moment between them a memorable one. The roasted hen he placed in the middle of the table, proceeded by  caraway and pepper rice, the plates, the candles and the silver and all on time too coz just then the lock clicked, the door opened and in she came preceded by her light perfume and the glow of her warmth as she hugged him tight. He could see her eyes twinkling with joy as they fell on the array of dishes laid on the coffee table. The sauce was still to be ladled on to the hen but he knew he had enough time, she went to wash her hands thoroughly like she always did when she came from outside. He finished the roasted hen, sprinkled some almonds to garnish, poured two glasses of the chilled Colomè Torrentes and settled down to carve the poultry as she seated herself next to him telling him of her day. The moan of satiety pleasure that followed her first bite sent waves of contentment in him while he watched her dive into a play of foodgasm. Dinner went fairly quick and she snuggled close to him as they finished the wine. The dim lighting, the candles, her floral shampoo and of course the wine attacked with quivers of aphrodisia. They simply dumped all the plates neatly into the sink, those could be tackled later. He turned on the reading lamp in the room, it cast a mellow glow, illuminating a freshly painted orange wall with a tree and birds all over. The bed, all laid neatly with it’s light orange duvet and the green comforter seemed to be enticingly calling them to itself; they heeded to it’s call….she turned the light off and he shut the bedroom door with a soft click.


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  1. Enjoyed reading, must say this chef is not only smart with food but also with words.
    Love Ash.

  2. Very well written !!! the chef makes you feel the food TOO….
    A bit long too, but you always write so long (details – i mean)…
    But WOW, just apt words for the right moments and the colours, the moods well explained…

  3. best of all. wonderfully written. loved it n enjoyed it..!!!!

  4. @naddy 26 – thanks for following and reading.

  5. I kinda guessed….though you could have gone easy with that fingers thing with garlic butter to make it look more sombre…anyways a nice- tentalizing post for all chick-en lovers!

  6. Passionate cooking! 🙂
    Nicely written, Viraj.

  7. I absolutely loved it !!!! looks like we have a great chef here who is in love with his creation 🙂

  8. :):) that was just perfect dish .. you are a tease but then that leads to the right climax 🙂

  9. First of all I would like to say terrific blog! I had a quick question which I’d like to ask if you do not mind. I was interested to find out how you center yourself and clear your mind prior to writing. I have had a hard time clearing my mind in getting my thoughts out. I do enjoy writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are wasted just trying to figure out how to begin. Any suggestions or tips? Kudos!

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