‘Bra’nd Loyalty

“And menu demographics can be utilized as a powerful tool to create brand loyalty among…….” my professor went on murmuring on the very first day of the class.

I was paying full attention when suddenly my friend Kate did something that completely took my mind off the menus for a while…
She slowly unzipped her jacket half way, peeped inside her shirt for a while, typed something in her cellphone and then winked at me.
(Thankfully the professor had his back towards the class)…

What happened in the next few minutes was extraordinary. Almost all the girls in the class followed suit, first unzipping their jackets, peeping inside and finally typing something on their cellphones….

By the time I reached home from my class, my whole facebook home page was filled with statuses of girls shouting different colors; right from white, blue, yellow to even strawberry pink with lemon stripes! (There was also one status that said ‘none’ and it undoubtedly received maximum comments.)

One message chain soon had the effect of a nuclear reaction in my college, and soon girls found innovative ways to display their bra colors, specially by striding down the great hallway in formal shirts (to suit the college policy) made of thin linen that easily revealed the colors of their undergarment.

Me and many of my friends found it a bit awkward for the first few minutes but then the cloud soon passed over; if we all can make crude sex jokes or use sex as a verbal abuse why not put it to some good use and contribute in creating an awareness of breast cancer?
So waving a good bye to those who boarded the ‘cheap thrills express’, few of us strode down the corridors complementing the girls on the colors they chose to wore. It was in this one day that five girls chose to go to the health care center in the institute and sign up for a breast check up. The college medical faculty declared that not even one of the pink ribbon moments had as fast effect as this innovative moment did. It made me realize, one does not simply need power or time and money to bring a difference to the world, all it needs is an idea, just a spark of it. Soon, the student government sketched out more events over the weekends to create other illness awareness; and now we have the weekend lined up with the Condom Casinos and the Olympiad cup (adopted from American pie series this is a race to hook bras of different styles to form the longest chain of bras in a fixed time)

While people have enough time to quote things like ‘what is this life full of care, we have no time to stand and stare’ thereby highlighting their extra-ordinary busy schedules and whine that if only they would have had enough time they would make a tiny difference to this world, forget the fact that it takes a few seconds out of the all those 84,600 seconds in a day to create a spur of awareness that can plant a tiny seed of the tree that would bear the fruits of bringing the said difference. And this can be done while sitting in your office, at home or even while walking to nearby grocery store.

Keeping aside suggestions and philosophies, brand loyalty had been the topic of the day; well I don’t know about brands but the bra sure got some loyal followers today…

When I and my guy-friends were wondering how we could contribute in this BRAnd factor, my friend had quoted enthusiastically – “Drop the shame…hit the game!”

…and I hope someday all will do the same.



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