The Salt With An “I”

One of my worst fears – An exotic dish without salt.

It scares me. Imagine having something like a mango ravioli with spiced watermelon coulis and parmesan foam. All unseasoned.

“Put some damn salt in your dishes. Be liberal with salt. It doesn’t harm you. The advertise speak crap!!!!” – one of my many ways of convincing the class I teach on weekends who are a bunch of people with enough fragile brains (without the so called destruction caused by salt) to believe in the advertisements on the television.

I have been developing a dish from a long time.

Many flavors, textures have been incorporated. My family and me myself formed the main composition of the dish. But what is very important is the sauce that covers it. The sauce has been infused with various friends, relatives, cousins who formed the base of it. It got enriched with various incidences and experiences and of course knowledge.

Different places and memories of them, of the past and the present gave the sauce a texture which cannot be defined. Spiced up with mischief, faith, trust and beliefs the sauce simmers yet…ready to be poured over to complete the dish.

And the sauce covers the whole dish. Lightly nappes it. A beautiful and rich blend of flavors, textures, aroma. And the dish is complete. A little garnish of chiffonade of love. And its done.

I look at it. Examine it. Planning for the future dish…

And I realize my worst nightmare has come true.

It is under-seasoned.

Just a tiny fragment of salt. That tiny particle of salt mixed somewhere adding some happiness…some laughter and yet troubling enough to remind me that it is not enough. There is a need for more. Without it, the whole thing is tasteless – flavorless. It is there…but so less. It teases me but I cant do anything…cant add anymore now.

And now am planning for the coming dish that I am making. Better than before, more flavorful and more exotic. The only thing I need is the salt…enough of it…enough to flavor enhance it….and to give it the right seasoning.

And although I have it with me…I miss it..because it is not enough…not the right amount…I need the salt to enhance, to complete my dish; my life…I need the most unique salt in my life.


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