Parle – G

Who would forget those biscuits?

Those simple sweetened rectangular things who we all used to love to dip in the tea or coffee or even milk and turn them nice and soft and gulp it before it breaks off and forms a mush below the glass???

I was having one of those after a long time in the States when 3 out of 6 I had broke off due to over dipping and settled at the bottom of my mug. Once upon a time, I was an expert in dipping those things for the right amount of time in the milk until they were neither too soft nor too soggy, the right bite, and I would gulp them down one after the other.

Times change so rapidly I thought. I still crave for that simple biscuit but those Chocolate Fantasies, Oreos, Golden bakes and Muffin bites have blinded me by their glamor.

I could get that yellow white striped packed anywhere, from a paanwala to the air conditioned departmental store; whether I wear pajamas to those places or my uniform, just slam a 5 rupee or 100 rupee note and they would hand it over to you. And now here comes the time of dinner jackets, wallet that cannot afford to carry all the amount of cash needed to spend on a small menu and so has a list of credit cards, of places where certain dress code has to be followed in order to be served food. An age of cocktail parties, of eclectic food ( what is called Gourmet food by some)…no time to sit and enjoy a glass of milk and parle-g. Food has changed and so has time…..or is it just me? Have I changed?

May be the answer lies in those biscuits. It is high time I try to shift my focus from creating those foamed gravies, vacuum cooked meats, UV marinators to simply mastering the art and the happiness of eating those crunchy, mild flavored biscuits whose taste, design and flavor haven’t seemed to have changed over all these years……..Parle-G….here I come!



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  1. I don’t believe this !!!!! You actually wrote on Parle-G the simplest of all delights in my life. Reading through this post was taking a journey in my own childhood. I dunno how many nights i woke up feeling hungry and pacified my little tummy with those lovingly sweet rectangles and even dipped them in water … if I could not find anything else…. beautifully written .. this is a precious article!!! Thanks 🙂

    (well Parle -G is still the same and it’s amazing to see something so simple stand so strong despite, as u mentioned ,”the glamour” of other delicacies )

    • Thank you for the compliments..indeed ParleG although simple has always been exquisite, something that gives a unique happiness and takes you through a memory lane. Thanks again for the comment…hope you like the other articles too.

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