Monte` au Beurre…..Why?

It means completing with butter.

I asked the chef, ” why do we do that?”

Because it is not complete, yet.

And why is it not yet complete? It looks good, tastes good, has a glaze, right consistency and texture.

There was no answer.

I realized that, not just me but even the Chef was thinking the exact reason to know why it was yet incomplete.

Have you ever wondered in life – why?

Why the moon is complete and yet sometimes it looks incomplete?

Why do we just love the rains and yet sometimes get an empty feeling when it pours?

Why do we start humming a tune without any reason?

Why do the waves of the sea splashing on our feet make us feel free?

Why our restless feet pull us to new destinations?

Why do we see the pearls of dreams in the oysters of our eyes?

Why does someone’s thought make your heart skip a beat?

Why does the scent of that someone lingers in our breath?

Why cant we stop thinking of someone despite being miles away?

Why do lips sometimes quiver and are unable to say anything?

And as these questions sprang up in an endless stream the same day that, that she said something special, those few words that make your life worth living for. It was unbelievable, yet believable….then I not only felt complete but felt the completeness.

That night I hit the pillow with no trace of sleep but a smile that could not contain the happiness, and in the dark, with the moonlight streaming through the window, I smiled…because I realized – ‘ That’s Why..’


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